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December 8, 2012
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Peach and Daisy's Tickle Torture

After Bowsers' latest defeat at the hands of Mario and Luigi, the Mushroom Kingdom was at peace, in order to celebrate Bowser's defeat they decided to throw a big party for the Mario Bros as a sign of grateful to them for saving Peach yet again.

However at Bowser's castle, Bowser is already planning to take revenge on Mario again as the Koopas where still cleaning up the castle "Curse those Mario Brothers, I will get them this time" as Bowser was walking to this throne he hears a voice "Lost again your rudeness?" Bowser turns around and sees Kammy Koopa appear.

Bowser then sits on his throne "You can see what happen right, don't worry I'll get them back" Kammy flies over to him "And how would you do that?" Bowser looks at her as she flies around "I mean you kidnapped Peach heaps of times, you stole the Star Rod and a lot of other things and you still fail" Bowser pounds the arm of his throne with his fist "Get to the point" Kammy chuckles then said "What weakness do you know about Mario and Luigi?" Bowser was about to answer but then realises that he doesn't know "You have a point Kammy....what can I do about that?" Kammy then said "Hmm there are two people who would know" Bowser just smiles "Excellent....bring them to me, we are going to have.....a little chat" Bowser laughs as he sent his minions to Peach's Castle again.

Meanwhile at Mario's place, Luigi just stared out of the window as Mario walks in with mail "Luigi we are invited to the castle by Peach and Daisy" Luigi just sighed as he was holding a Daisy flower, Mario looks at him "Luigi?" Luigi turns to Mario "Yeah?" Mario walks over "You ok?" he sees that Luigi was holding a daisy flower "Thinking about her?" Luigi nods "I don't know if she feels the same way...I mean like you and Peach" Mario walks up to his brother then said "I'm sure she does...come on you can ask her at the castle" Luigi nods as they head out.

Meanwhile at the castle Peach and Daisy were getting ready for the party, as Daisy was brushing her hair Peach smiles at her "So what do you think about Luigi?" Daisy looks at the mirror then sighed "I don't know" Peach looks at her "He's madly in love with you like no other guy I've seen" Daisy then said "I know and I guess I like him but every time we try to have a talk he gets nervous and stutters all the time"

Peach smiles then puts her hand on her friend's hand "Give him time I'm sure you two will work out" Daisy smiles "I hope so" Before Peach could say anything else a group of Koopas breaks through the window scaring the princesses as Kammy Koopa smiles at them "Hello my pretties Lord Bowser would like a word with you two" Before they could do anything Kammy surrounds them in a barrier and orders the Koopas to take them back to the castle.

As the Mario Brothers arrived in Toad Town they see Toad running towards them "Mario, Luigi something terrible as happen" Mario looks at him "What's wrong Toad?" Toad then said "Bowser has kidnapped Peach and Daisy, Kammy Koopa just showed up and took them away" Mario looks at his brother "Let's go Luigi" He nodded as they went back to the pipe to headed off for Bowser's castle once again.

Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, both Peach and Daisy were locked in stocks with their hands tied behind their backs, bare footed and blindfolded, Daisy then said "What are they going to do?" Peach then said "I'm not sure, it's not like them to tie us up like this" Just then they hear the doors burst open and a familiar voice greeted them "Hi Princesses are you two comfortable?" Peach then said "Bowser! What do you want from us?" Bowser laughs "Oh Peach is this a way to treat your host I even provided cushions this time" The princesses heard more footsteps walking in they knew Bowser wasn't alone then they hear Kammy's voice again "Oh look Lord Bowser they painted their toe nails the same colour as their dresses"

Both girls blushed because they did that for Mario and Luigi as Bowser smiles "Now then, tell me your boyfriend's weaknesses are or you'll be tortured" Daisy got defensive and snaps "Luigi isn't my boyfriend" as she snarls she thought to herself 'Well....not yet anyway' Kammy Koopa crackles "Oh hit a nerve did we? Maybe we could start with your first" Before Daisy said anything she felt two sets of hands holding her ankles then explodes into laughter as she felt two wet things tickling her soles "AAAHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT'S TICKLING ME? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA"

Peach was stunned as she hears her friend in hysterical laughter as Bowser smiles at her "Now Peach tell me what weakness Mario and Luigi have or I'll get the Boos to lick your feet like they are doing to your friend" The sound of Daisy's laugh scares Peach because she knew that she is more ticklish then Daisy but she won't give up on her and the Mario Brothers "Never Bowser, they will save us" Bowser laughs then snaps his fingers, the Boos holds Peach's ankles like they did to Daisy then start to lick Peach's soles causing her to laugh as loud as she can "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MARIOOOOOOO AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Mario and Luigi were racing through the Kingdom in search of the girls but this time Luigi was in front as he looks back on Mario "C'mon Bro let's go, who knows what they are going to do with them" Mario smiles at his brother "You really love Daisy do you?" Luigi blushes then said "I....just don't want her getting hurt because of me" Mario walks up then pats him on the back "Well we better get going" Luigi nod as they head off to Bowser's castle

Back at Bowser's castle, the room was filled with the sounds of the princesses laughter as the Boos continues to lick and tickle the soles of their feet sometimes getting to their arches which made them jump more "HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA" Daisy just laughed and laughed while Peach was bucking and squirming around like crazy "AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA NO MORE PLEASE HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Bowser orders the Boos to stop, as they stop licking both girls slumped into their bonds, their faces covered in sweat and their hair is all messed up as Bowser smiles "So ready to talk girls?" The girls shook their heads in defiance, Bowser smiles then orders the Para Koopas and plucked two feathers, then hands the feathers to them "Now girls you better tell me who you two will really laugh" As the girls snarled, the moisture on their feet dried out making them more softer, Bowser laughed "You know that Koopa feathers are more softer than normal feathers and since the Boo's tongue was soften your soles more"
Before the girls say anything them both threw their heads back in insane laughter as they felt the tips of the feathers dancing all over their soles, arches, heels and toes "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA" they had no defence left as Bowser smiles as the Koopas feather tickle their feet.

Meanwhile the Mario Brothers made to the front door of Bowser's Castle "We are here Mario" Luigi approaches the large door, Mario then said "Let's go in and safe them" as they open the door there were greeted with the sounds of hysterical laughter, Luigi looks at Mario "It's the Princesses, they are getting tortured" They both hurried following the sound of the girls laughter as a guide.

Bowser smiles as he watches the Princesses squirm and howl in laughter trying to get away from the feathers "It won't be long now" even though Peach was more ticklish then Daisy but Daisy was feather ticklish "AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA OK OK I'LL TALK" Peach hears her friend "AHHAHAHAHAHA DAISY NOOOOOOHOOHOHOAHAHHAHAHAA"

The doors bust open as Mario and Luigi storm through "Bowser let them go" Mario demanded but as he said that Daisy continued "AHAHAHAHHAAHAH I ADMIT HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE LUIGI HAAHAHAHHAHAAHHA" Luigi smiles at what Daisy said, then they fought Bowser. After the fight they could the Princesses back to Peach's castle.

After the party Mario and Peach were standing on Peach's balcony looking at the fireworks "Mario I wonder what Daisy and Luigi are doing now?" Peach asked her boyfriend "I don't know Peach but I'm sure they are having fun" Mario smiles as he hugs Peach closer.

Meanwhile in the dungeon of Peach's castle, Daisy was in stocks again with a smile on her face with Luigi kneeling at her feet holding a feather "Daisy I love you" Daisy smiles back "I love you too Luigi" She grins then said "Now please....tickle my feet"
Luigi smiles as he glides the feather up and down the soles of Daisy's beautiful feet causing her to laugh and laugh well into the night

The End.
a Story i was working on and off but i'm glad it's finished

all characters belong to Nintendo
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featherblade2008 Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice story my friend^^
Was nice to read
thank you my friend
Fantastic story, really enjoyed reading it :)
thank you so much
What a nice story you have done. Well done, my friend. :)
thank you so much :)
No problem. Always enjoy foot tickling stories. Especially when includes the Super Mario Bros. and my favorite characters -- Princess Peach. :)
yeah i thought it's time for Luigi to have fun with Daisy ;)
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